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Employees are a company's most expensive, yet most valuable asset.

Let us help you to take care of yours.

Clifton Medical is a professional practice of doctors with special expertise in Occupational Medicine.

We provide a full range of services to small and large companies in Bristol and the Southwest. Our clients have included the BBC and other media companies , local schools and colleges, telecommunications, packaging and glass companies, large insurance companies, and the Territorial Army.

We can help you to

  • Improve attendance by helping with absence management and early medical assessment.
  • Keep your employees healthy and happy through regular health checks
  • Protect your company by assisting with pre-employment assessments, providing advice on the Equality Act and issues relating to employer's liability.
  • Intervene early for those under work pressure by providing counselling programmes.
  • Provide assessments for ill-health retirement.
  • Ensure appropriate vaccination, including flu.

Contact us on 0117 9150273 to discuss how we can help you take best care of your workforce so that they remain as effective as they can possibly be.


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